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Hello friendos, strangers, stalkers, fans, bugs and beloved creative heads. 003 - :omghai: by chrsfaria
My name is Evey. Not Ewej, E-v-e, if you know what I mean. It's not spelled like the name's written. You can read some facts about me in the "Interests" section down here, if you really want to know everything about me like my ehm favorite color. Or food. It's fish at this time.

Some facts about me and my drawings:

:bulletblack: I'm drawing only Linearts, or Black and White, cause I'm not really talented in coloring stuff. It's so much more fun to share sketches/linearts here and finish them with other artists.

:bulletblack: I like mixing some styles together like manga-like and realistic, scary and comic/cute or human with a science fiction figure. I like robots. And cyborgs. And the weird looking ones, like anything with reptiles and other watery things. Mostly I'm attracted to some kind of (semi-)realistic artworks, because it's harder to draw feelings and emotions in that way than in comic style. And it looks much better.

:bulletblack: You won't find any comic/chibi/cartoon here. Maybe fanarts of some video game/movie/anime character, but always in my drawing style.

:bulletblack: At this time I'm only working on portraits or close ups of humans/female creatures. Won't do any animals, buildings, landscape and stuff like that, cause it's too hard to draw that in lineart.

:bulletblack: Art is not my passion, not my job and I'm not drawing in my whole spare time. I just love doodling around like a child with finger painting to see and share the result. Just for the lulz and to see how far I can go and increase my skill.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre If someone wants to collab with me or work on a new drawing with me or wants to color one of my linearts - I appreciate that, like I said above. As long as I'm credited in the description/my comments/whatever everything is okay, so you don't have to ask me.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Don't be upset cause you can't post any comment under my deviations. If you want to say something, you can always post in my profile comments or under my gallery, I'll definitely check that and answer any questions. So I won't change my settings, cause I like it that way.

Thanks for any :+fav: or :devwatch: by MenInASuitcase and also for :email: and :+llama: by BlAg001. Always sending llamas back.
Got surprised with a beautiful drawing. A collab without even knowing about it, that was fun :D (Big Grin) And one of my favorite sketches/drawings I ever did, never expected someone's gonna try that.

Devastated Re-Sketch by Schnuckalll---- Devastated by Wen-JR

Left: my sketch Right: coloration by Wen-JR - Click on the drawings for bigger/original size Post Above 

Doesn't he did a great job? Usually it's really hard to satisfy me (I can't even do that by myself while drawing sketches) but he did that pretty good Love

While I was drawing this sketch a year ago I was really bad at drawing hair and hands. So I tried to hide that with details. Many details. And chose a pose without hands. Felt in love with her eyes and expression and always wanted this to be the focus on the picture, not the details. So ... he did that superior good, did he? Those eyes are just perfect for an Ice Queen Heart 

Good for him I suck at coloring. Or good for both of us. Thanks for the honor, John! Will remember that one day a poor guy really tried to color a messy sketch Hahahahaha. No.
A few notes to my newest drawing. OMG MOAR POEMS! 

It's related to this one:

Flare by Schnuckalll --- Devastated Re-Sketch by Schnuckalll

Left - new one, Right - older one. Click on it for bigger size Post Above 

Always wanted to draw elements in human style. As I can remember I needed a very long time to finish Ice/Devastated because of just too many details, for Fire/Flare a few hours. That's maybe the reason why the new picture looks so empty compared with the other one. But I like that. I'm constipated 

Bullet; Black Facts:

Firelike hair is a pain in the ass.
Her left hand isn't missing, it's burned, a bit hard to show that without colors. Never tried to draw burn/scars, but I decided to skip this because of too thin lines. Imaginge that the fire is like eating up her whole arm, with a stunning light red color in her flesh. Pretty nice.
I tried a "bigger" drawing cause I like that you can see almost every detail even when you zoom in.
Felt so much in love with her face, one part is burned, that's why her skin is loose, it's not a fantasy-like detail. Scars missing there too, I couldn't do that to her face. Damn those beauty faces.

Maybe I'll edit the lower body a bit, that it doesn't have the "unfinished line" look, although I like that.

Bullet; Black EDIT: Updated work! Added: Magma parts on her body. Wish I had that idea earlier.

Pretty much satisfied with this drawing and idea. Hopefully I'll do some more. My plan is to add all elements in one picture as a show off after I'm finished. But I don't have so much patience and motivation for drawings. So maybe in a year .. or soon .. or never (hope not).

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